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And they all go to prom! And wear amazing era clothing! At the Disco in his teens. It really brought me back to the excitement and the fear of going out on your own. The challenge of this episode was to show what it was about her that made him hold on for so long.

They were never together, but what was it about the little moments, and the almost-getting-there that made him fall so hard for so long? Speaking of them being much younger, to what lengths did you have to go to make the actors appear ten-ish years younger?

Roswell New Mexico girls you ll wanna consider this

The first thing was, the boys had to shave multiple times a day. They were very mad at me. When I asked Michael Vlamis Michael to shave his chest, I was kind of kidding — chest hair is a real thing for him. I think I can do it. Nathan had to do New York Comic Con with a fully shaven baby face. Weirdly enough, I discovered that a lot of my actors carry their confidence around in their facial hair. The one that was really fun for me was when [Michael] Trevino stepped out of the trailer in his makeup and his fake face — it was like a true flashback of his life.

Roswell New Mexico girls you ll wanna consider this

Then, in our minds, this was when people started noticing he was gay without him telling him anyone — people notice looks, people notice the way that you speak — and then he decided to lean really hard in the opposite direction and really try and rebel against his dad. So he went full Panic! At the Disco and My Chemical Romance. How was the process of playing younger for the actors?

Nathan would drink an extra coffee and come in with a real pep in his step. They all worked really hard to get this right. Max and Michael are so pure, carefree, and unafraid of their powers despite the incident in the desert when they were even younger. It marked such a contrast to how they are now. We tried to center all these sci-fi instances around real human trauma and real human emotion.

When the idea of something happening to Isobel when she was young that traumatized her and now she has triggers was brought up by my cowriter Eva McKenna the whole story started to crystalize, because that is a feeling that is very human. Now she knows that Isobel is a killer and she also knows that Isobel has had blackouts again recently; what is Liz going to do with that information?

The characters themselves still have questions. In this episode we get to see the beginning of their relationship as teens and then this traumatic incident that could serve to keep them apart. We go lots of episodes without them being in the same scene.

In this episode, we really got to go back to the moment that made these two very idealistic kids in love realize that the world just outside their door was not a friendly one. They have both grown up in abusive homes in one way or another.

Roswell New Mexico girls you ll wanna consider this

He got to Roswell when he was 11 or 12, but he has a really dark history of abuse. Then one of the happiest moments of his life gets smashed open by a monster. The real monster in his life is his father. Now having seen that, you understand when you go back to his father saying something at the drive-in that just seems kind of innocuous was actually weighted with all this horror and abuse. Of course it gets to him, of course he feels it deeply.

I think fans should know that what you see in this episode is the beginning of them. How will he overcome this? This is the lowest point for them.

Roswell New Mexico girls you ll wanna consider this

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Roswell New Mexico girls you ll wanna consider this

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