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Exxo n, which last week increased to. The D-Mark weakened and the main. Government has put forward a tough new antt. FlUptnos flw. Aboot 7,O0O Filftiinos have fled their homes to escape fighting : between government troops and Mosleiiixebels avenging the minder of a Moslem family.

Adult phone dating Dukird Khan

The upper grid, based. The savings mg from the will be made by a mixture of west tensions, higher tax revenues, wide- against spend ranging cuts to domestic pro- several times grammes and modest ways, short-term reductions in He underline defence spending. S6bn in cuts - The budget will be modified budget over the. He also warns against spending this money several times over In other ways. Such overshoots are familiar from the past and underline how difficult it will be to cut the d eficit. On the basis of existing programmes and assumed economic growth of 2.

On defence, the budget is projected to rise in cash terms to Ibn but this is 96bn, or 2 per cent, less than needed to keep up with inflation. In his introduction, Mr Dar- man warns of a big potential shortfall on unfunded future federal liabilities. No amount of hand-wringing will substitute for positive proposals.

Adult phone dating Dukird Khan

Intense diplomatic efforts are under way to define what is seen in Delhi as a potentially major confrontation. This coincides with the Indian army embarking on a major operation in Kashmir 'with the aim of restoring, order prior to exploring-prospects for!

Adult phone dating Dukird Khan

The territory is disputed between India, Pakistan, rhinĀ» and giwhmiH independence fighters. Soviet-mediated ceasefire ed at Tashkent. Although the bank had warned several months ago of big problems in real.

Delhi fears that Kashmir could be slipping from its grasp. This touches thp very nerve of India's identity as Adult phone dating Dukird Khan secular state able to embrace both Moslems and Hindus. In the last war, they Pakistan lost Bangladesh. Now what do they want to lose? The threat of war stems from the belief that Indian army Lafontaine: challenge to K"hl Saarland victory for Lafontaine in state poll By David Goodhart in Bonn MR Oskar Lafontaine, a senior West German Social Democrat, is almost certain to be the party's choice to challenge Chancellor Helmut Kohl in coming federal elections after his convincing win yesterday in an important state election.

An official announcement on his candidature is expected today. Support for the liberal Free Democrats, junior coalition partner in Bonn, fell most sharply of all from 10 per cent in to just over 5 per cent. ificantly, the new far- action will not defuse Kashmiri right Republican Party scored anger or the now massive pop- only 3.

And that die paint stays put when you bend the steel. And probably cost you leas into the bargain. We clothe our steels in many coats besides paint, such as la mi na tes and tirin film coat in gs. Germans-not to Mr Brandt underlined that unity the patriarch of German unity. Calling for speedy steps towards. His statement era troops m German taking into Germany s Mr Bran.

Last week. East Germany acknowledged a accident at its T. The latest report raised the question of "whether the nuclear power stations in East Germany must be shut down as a precaution before security analyses have finished," he said. The East German of the incident contained chilling details, saying that major safety systems failed and that there was a radiation leak.

Denmark and Sweden would have suffered from the fallout. The Soviet press also ran long front- reports on the upsurge of protests against mobilisation in other Russian towns. Many of tile reserve were later replaced by regular troops. Delegates to the New Forum conference also rejected a motion to turn the movement into a party in order to better contest the first free elections next May 6.

He agreed to. Directors, RAf. Darner, A. Miflcr, DJLP.

Adult phone dating Dukird Khan

Palmer, London. Printer Frankfurter Societaets-Druckerei. USPS No US subscription rates S NY Telephone 33 13 44 Fax 33 93S If Christopher Columbus had been guided by Bancomer Greek political. US military premmcB. Hie decision to dose the two bases near Athens came as the all-party. Greek Government - was -preparing toextend, the Greek- PS d efence agreement. Mr Papan- dreou tuwt demanded tw the Heflenlkon base he simt down as.

Adult phone dating Dukird Khan

Taste barriers will stay after trade barriers fall Even multinationals have tended to operate on a mainly national basis, Philip Rawstorne reports I NTHE past two years, over Yet despite this increasing concentration of ownership, 80 per emit of the EC's food is still processed in the country where it is consumed. So has the Act that retailers have been primarily national operators.

Demand for convenience foods and snacks is growing, encou rag e d by inmmgmg of working women and small households, the spread of the freeze smH the micro- wave. Products intended for the pan- European market will have to be Mgh valne-added, the report suggests. Best wages by far are in Denmark, 60 per cent higher than in the UK. Differentials are widened further by social security costs, particularly heavy in Italy and France. The s employed in research and development are also likely to expand. Mafia, wrc brought about-by; the DCs current governing centre-right majority.

After several months of wlfc- nesring tfae expulsion of many of its exponents from top fobs in state enterprises, tire left sees Mr Orlando's downfall as staunch supporter of Mr Andreotti, said with the most casual: sense of history the other day that the party's internal sq uabb les had never put any government in crisis.

Adult phone dating Dukird Khan

Last-ditch effort to avert Swedish bank lock-out TALKSyfemstili going anlast night hi an' attempt'to settle a: pay dispute. Sweden's b ank i ng : system from, this morning, Robert. Taylor reports from Stockholm.

Adult phone dating Dukird Khan

This was iqected by Adult phone dating Dukird Khan employers but accepted' by tbs union. And it intends to keep it. Some 12, employees are working in BASF research laboratories. BASF will be well worth watching as the Group invests in its blue-chip future. Mr de Klerk reportedly said his Government wished to avoid a race war. Mrs Winnie Mandela reporters after a four- hour visit with her husband on Saturday that he looked depressed and unhappy. Astrologers have predicted that the Tear of the Horae will be turbulent for China.

In Peking, while most residents rested from late-night celebrations, top leaders were out hogging babies in a rampaig n to show C omm u n ist Party unity with toe masses, Reuter reports from Peking. The Communist Party General Secretary.

Premier Li Peng went to a coking plant, a thermal electricity plant and Tiananme n Square. President Tang Shangkun visited an exhibition hail hi. The congressional decision is part of an effort to identify and punish corrupt practices that occurred during the presidency of Dr Jaime Lusinchi, in office from It is ificant because it affects an individual who held two key ministerial posts under the last government.

The loans will be toe first to be agreed by toe World Bank since it suspended new lending after the Tiananmen Square massacre b v June. Other pending loans total more than m, with approval depending both on whether China proceeds with basic economic reforms and an the attitude of big shareholders such as the US.

Inthe index advanced 3. Miti attributed toe fell; mainly to a decline to exports - of passenger cars and semican-' doctors to the US, and thfr: slump in steel exports to Thins. Although Ecuador's role as a transit and money-laundering country has grown steadily more important, there is no evidence that the anti-drug offensive in Colombia is squeezing cocaine production southwards over the border. From a US point of view. However, the Government hopes to hurry toe change through before its coalition is eroded by the June parliamentary election.

Most of toe points covered by the Vienna Convention on drugs has been included.

Adult phone dating Dukird Khan

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