Bj wanted for Ketchikan Alaska

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News U. Ketchikan Our Troops. Public Notices. TV Guide Ketchikan. Employment Employment. Monday October 30, Adorable Pumpkins Adorable pumpkins share their happy Halloween faces! Front Photo by Mimi Eddy. Both men originally came from Canada, worked in the herring business and owned and skippered halibut boats.

And both left his name in the Thomas Street-Thomas Basin area. Who were these men and which one is today's street and boat harbor named for? Well, there's some controversy about that. Captain Ashton Waylan Thomas-usually referred to as A. During the gold rush of he towed a scow to Wrangell and started a transportation business, ferrying prospectors up the Stikine River to the gold fields.

When the gold rush slowed down in he moved on to Juneau and started a new fish business: the Juneau Packing Company. The company operated three fish traps and produced canned sardines and smoked and kippered salmon. Monday - October 30, Top Stories U. Politics Alaska Ketchikan.

Bj wanted for Ketchikan Alaska

From expanded health care and scaling back President Bush's tax cuts to withholding money from the Pentagon's war budget and investigating high crimes and misdemeanors, there is enormous pent-up energy to accomplish what could not be done during 12 years in the minority. Yet as Bj wanted for Ketchikan Alaska leaders, including would-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, gear up for an increasingly plausible scenario, they face competing demands likely to temper their liberal ambitions. The new Democratic majority, should it occur, will consist of a fresh crop of moderate and conservative members whose elections will have been won in part by distancing themselves from the party's progressive wing.

Faced with possible Republican control of the Senate, the president's veto pen and most likely a narrow edge in the House, many Democrats insist they must moderate their agenda and reach out to Republicans to expand their majority and improve their chances of winning the White House in Since Oct. National: Micro-marketing tactics come to political campaigns By PATRICIA LOPEZ - If you've been trying to tune out the political din, hoping no one will find you, don't be surprised if you soon get a phone call, a door-knock or a glossy mailer from some political pitch artist who seems to know your deepest interests and pet peeves - and who has just the candidate for you.

Armed with the kind of lifestyle and consumer information long used by big business to market products, Republicans, in particular, have devised a system that tells them whether Bj wanted for Ketchikan Alaska like to golf or go on cruises, drink wine or imported beer, watch cable or network TV, and prefer fancy restaurants or burger ts.

They know the size of your mortgage and whether you gamble at casinos. They don't just know this about people "like" you. They know it about you. You, the one reading this article. Murkowski announced in Fairbanks Friday that he is calling the Alaska State Legislature into special session beginning November 13, at 11 a. Murkowski said his decision is based upon a recommendation from Commissioner of Administration Scott J. Nordstrand that the Legislature would need to address the Supreme Court order of June 1,requiring the State of Alaska to implement benefits for same sex domestic partners.

That's not the case any longer. For the past decade, the trend has been a steady shift away from that traditional customer toward eager markets in the U. The latest Seafood Market Report from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute reports frozen sockeye salmon exports to Japan so far this year are 27 million pounds, just 33 percent of the total pack. This contrasts sharply with the past two years when production levels were similar, but Japan imported percent of Alaska frozen sockeye. The sockeye market is of keen interest for the industry, especially since Alaska harvests have topped 40 million reds for three years running.

The export and sales patterns since are the most relevant for illustrating the changing market destinations for Alaska's frozen sockeye, the report said. Conversely, the market for canned sockeye is facing a glut. While the sales season for all canned salmon begins in September, all indications point to a large carry over of canned reds from years, plus above average volumes coming into the market from B. There is a rosier outlook for pink salmon, as fewer of those fish end up in cans.

Canned production this year, combined with carryover inventory, add up to the lowest case load in several years, the Seafood Market Report said. That compares to roughly 76 percent in recent years. Frank H. By Robert D. Warner - Tuesday Getting hosed at the pump? By Frances C. Political Cartoons. SitNews Archives October Click on the date to read the stories published on that day. More Front Archives. The Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau has undertaken another "branding " campaign and have spent 16 months and two hundred thousand dollars to get a new "brand.

This is on the heels of another recent Northwest branding. Last year, the State of Washington decided it needed a new "brand" so it spent two hundred thousand dollars and nearly two years as well. The statewide result - "SayWA" - was roundly panned but they valiantly stuck by it. At least until a few weeks ago, when it was quietly put out of its misery. I was apparently one of the few people who wasn't totally cheesed off by "SayWa. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a stupid idea you can imagine a serious case of "groupthink" around some conference table scratching their chins and saying 'yeah, you're right.

That's not so bad. I just liked the attempt. At least they tried something humorous rather than the usual overly "earnest" that come out of most "branding" sessions. If you don't believe me, ask a steer! Wow, that was a serious digression! I started off talking about Seattle and jumped all the way to SayWa!

Bj wanted for Ketchikan Alaska

In the case of the Earnhardts, you could also refer to more than one family tradition - winning and crashing to name two. Fortunately for him, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Recent science news has brought to the public's attention another winning family, but one with molecular traditions. Roger Kornberg, a professor in the Stanford University School of Medicine, was named as the sole recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his elegant crystallographic Bj wanted for Ketchikan Alaska that revealed - with atomic resolution - the workings of a biomolecular machine called RNA polymerase.

Tom Purcell: Halloween Ban? That's right. No costumes. No parades. No parties. It's happening all over America. But it's autumn. There's a chill in the air. The leaves are a brilliant orange and gold. Kids are supposed to celebrate Halloween at school. Look, Americans embraced the Halloween tradition long ago. The Encyclopaedia Britannica says Celtic pagans believed that at the end of the harvest season, Oct.

The Celts wore masks to hide themselves from the spirits. Dale McFeatters: Halloween gets older, more low-cut - It has been true for quite a while that Halloween is not just for kids anymore, but just in the last year it has become truer than ever.

The little kids will still sally forth Tuesday night with their goodie bags, dressed as princesses, witches and Spiderman - the three most popular costumes for youngsters - but more and more the night belongs to adults and retailers. And the of people celebrating is up 20 percent over last year. Halloween is now the sixth-biggest retail spending holiday of the year, says the National Retail Federation, which, for obvious reasons, tracks these s closely. The boom is fueled by adults, especially the younger ones; over 85 percent of those 18 to 24 plan to party.

And they have introduced a new element into the equation. Do a Google search of "sexy Halloween costumes" and you get over 5 million hits. Online since

Bj wanted for Ketchikan Alaska Bj wanted for Ketchikan Alaska

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