Ladies seeking hot sex Folsom

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He is wagging a puppy tail butt plug. Welcome to heaven. Or Ladies seeking hot sex Folsom closest thing to it — the Folsom Street Fair, an unapologetic, clothing-optional outdoor celebration of leather, kink, and BDSM. Regardless if this is your first Folsom or your 50th, we all could use a primer on proper etiquette. Every time I go, I learn more. I learn my mistakes.

My perspective shifts. Reading it now, my piece is both problematic and limited. At the time, I had only been an attendee. At the time, I knew nothing about fisting. This year, my Folsom weekend will start with a fist party. Here is an updated list of Dos and Don'ts of the Folsom Street Fair — the largest leather event in the world. And there may be one or two from Jamie Thrower 's Dore Alley photos. And thanks, of course, to Folsom Street Events. San Francisco will be filled with kinksters kinky people of all stripes — some novices, some skilled.

Come with an open mind and ample patience. Be polite to everyone. Aroundpeople are coming. They will be crammed into 13 city blocks. Expect dense, standing-room only crowds, warm temperatures, and over-the-top getups. It gets cramped. Walking a dog or pushing a stroller is impossible in parts of the fair. As much as we love dogs, this fair is for human ones as well as all other human pets leather ponies, rubber kitties, and so on. Many of us love. The Folsom Street Fair is a place of adult revelry — one of the few places where you can freely walk around in as much or as little clothing as possible, where you can show off your kinks, where you can go nude only in the fair grounds, of courseand more.

The San Francisco city paper Sfist got it right:.

Ladies seeking hot sex Folsom

Many have noted that Folsom Street Fair has gotten a little more tame in recent years, but only a little. You're still very likely to see some old man peen, and very likely to see some scrotums shot up with saline — that's why they're so extraordinarily swollen, everyone, it's not a disease. You also might see actual sex acts, but I'm making no promises.

Ladies seeking hot sex Folsom

The easily faint or offended should probably steer clear. Even in a sexually free space, consent applies and always will. Never touch without asking. Some DL kinksters are only able to express themselves at Folsom. The fair is outdoors. It gets toasty. You can always dip into one of the many kinky leather bars on Folsom Street to cool down. I bring a drawstring bag filled with essentials — cash, wallet, phone, douche, and one bottle of poppers. For some guys, this is too much.

For others, Ladies seeking hot sex Folsom enough. This year there will be bag checks at the three fair entrances on Howard and Ninth Street, Howard and 10th Street, and Howard and 11th Street. The organizers ask attendees not to bring glass bottles, cans, or any weapons — obviously. Since there will be a bag check, keep it light.

Make sure you pick up your items by 6 p. If you feel you might be tempted to giggle at naked men or women, stay home. Folsom exists as a nonjudgmental, no-shame space. Let it remain so for people who appreciate it — for those who may live in conservative, rural areas and only get to taste a shameless environment once a year here.

This is the time to do it! Compliment people on how they look the easiest way to make an introduction. No open-toe shoes. Your toes will get stepped on, potentially by leather daddies in heavy jackboots. On that note: If you feel the impulse to lick said boots, ask first. You know what that means: You might get touched. Everyone including and especially the event organizers stresses the importance of consent — of asking first before you touch. Other aspects of close quarters exist: lack of personal space, sweat, long lines.

Mentally prepare yourself. San Francisco is a beautiful city. Start in the morning. Stay all day. Take your time walking around, talking to people, talking to vendors, dipping in SoMa leather bars, and enjoying the sights. Nudity is only allowed in the fairgrounds, not the rest of the city. Ask for help. If you love Folsom, help it continue.

Every dollar counts. Bone up on the hanky code and talk to people who seem sexy and interesting. Folsom is a great time to try something for the first time. There are a lot of awesome fetish events, dance parties, and nightlife happening throughout the city during Folsom weekend.

Ladies seeking hot sex Folsom

Take advantage of them, and plan in advance! By the time you arrive, many parties may be sold out, so get your tickets now. People are playing all across the city. Meet guys online. This is the time to do it. That said, some people do drugs during the weekend.

Ladies seeking hot sex Folsom

Harm reduction saves lives. If anything, this warmth and this love is what I associate with the San Francisco leather community — a collective effort to protect each other. Get s! This is a sexual event. This is true any way you paint it: Folsom is a beautiful, unapologetic celebration of human sexuality, identity, and desire. Know your status. Keep partners knowledgeable. Keep yourself knowledgeable. Every time you go to Folsom, you enjoy it a different way and understand it a little bit more. You need to do it again.

And again. It becomes home. See you next year! All Rights Reserved. Welcome to fetish heaven, or the closest thing to it. below. DO come with an open mind. DO leave your pets nonhuman ones and kids at home. The San Francisco city paper Sfist got it right: Many have noted that Folsom Street Fair has gotten a little more tame in recent years, but only a little.

DO ask permission before touching people — no matter what. Do ask permission before taking photographs — no matter what. DO stay hydrated. DO bring sunscreen. DO bring as little as possible. DO bring cash. Some vendors are cash-only. DO expect to have your toes stepped on — dress accordingly.

DO expect close quarters with other people. I keep a sweat rag with me the whole time.

Ladies seeking hot sex Folsom

DO get to the fair early. Time runs out fast! DO ask for help. DO look out for each other — harm reduction saves lives! DO keep in touch with people you meet. DO get tested before and after the Fair. DO come back.

Ladies seeking hot sex Folsom

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