Want to Slovenia up again

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Inthe epidemiological situation regarding Coronavirus in Slovenia continues unfavorable. But what will tourism be like in Slovenia, once the restrictions are over? According to the UNWTO predictions, we will travel for various reasons, including to support tourism. The situation with the Coronavirus in Croatia is also under control and the country is already reopening. Further down you can read why these countries are your safest option for traveling after coronavirus and what can you expect in the near future of traveling.

Want to Slovenia up again

Travel to Slovenia, Croatia and the Balkans. More and more countries are receiving tourists and gradually opening their borders. Due to the coronavirus situation in Croatia, restrictions are being eased in this country, as well as in the other Balkan countries, e.

Want to Slovenia up again

There are only different requirements for entry into the individual countries. From To enter hotels and other accommodation facilities you have to present a negative PCR test or some other proof. Visitors coming from countries or administrative units of countries that are on the green list may enter Slovenia without undergoing quarantine and without presenting a negative test for the presence of SARS-CoV Persons entering Slovenia from countries or administrative units on the red list must remain in quarantine for a period of 10 days.

Get in touch at info ekorna. So, if you want to visit Slovenia or some other Balkan country at info ekorna. If you travel with us you can be sure that, being a local travel agency, we will help you organize everything and book the trip that will allow you to arrive and immediately start enjoying your holidays. If you are traveling on your own, check with your embassy or on the official Slovenian Government website. The strategy to combat the coronavirus in Croatia puts on the priority vaccination list also tourism workers in order to ensure maximum safety in the high season and so that tourists can calmly enjoy the beauties of the Adriatic.

From April 1, Croatia has opened for tourism, but there are different restrictions and requirements. These exceptions are not valid for passengers coming from Brazil and some other countries. In their case, passengers are obliged to present a negative PCR test result not exceeding 48 hours and must remain in self-isolation for 14 days. The duration of self-isolation may be shortened if the person, on at least the seventh day of self-isolation, undergoes a Want to Slovenia up again test for SARS-CoV-2 at his or her own expense at an institution authorized to perform the test and if the test result is negative.

Protective masks are mandatory throughout the country in public transportation, medical facilities, shops, malls and every other public place where face to face contact is required between employees and clients such as banks, post office, ministry counters, public notary, currency exchange, services that require close contact hairdressers, salons, etc.

Similar to Slovenia there are still some restrictions to enter Croatia. When staying in the Republic of Croatia, all passengersregardless of their category and country from which they came, are obliged to follow the general and special instructions and recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Healthduring the still present coronavirus in Croatia.

So if you want to visit Croatia or some other Balkan country at info ekorna. Hotels were never closed by state decree, they were closed due to lack of visits and other sanitary restrictions. At the moment the majority of the hotels and campsites if open normally. So, with some restrictions it is already possible to travel to Slovenia or visit Croatia.

Want to Slovenia up again

You can already enjoy a hike in the Julian Alps or scuba dive in the Adriaticin one of the Dalmatian islands. Or try the latest luxurious trend — slow travel. With joy, happiness, hope and fear. Slovenia, Croatia and other Balkan countries have a pandemic under control. These are tourist countries but a little bit off the beaten path and with many deserted but beautiful places. As a local agency we are closely monitoring the situation and we will react immediately if anything changes, taking care of your safety during the trip. We offer t ailor-made private trips that allow you to travel alone with a personal guide and you can stay away from other people.

The cheapest option, however, is traveling in small groups that are more economical than private trips. We offer group tours but with the possibility of adapting to the current situation. You are not comfortable traveling to very touristy places right now? It is ok, u s neither…. We offer unique and special programs that will take you out of the typical European destinations.

Want to Slovenia up again

Get to know the pearls of the Balkans that offer everything — nature, history, sea, mountains and great food. We have many dates and programs until the end of the year. Both privately and in escorted small groups. Travel in the summer on a private cruisetravel in October to see the vineyards, or in December to enjoy the Christmas markets.

We will organize everything. Transportation, hotels, the guide possible in many different languagesvisits… Your safety and well-being are the most important thing for us. We will find healthier, safer, more photogenic and the most interesting places so that your trip of this chaotic year will be nothing less than perfect. The Balkans is one of the destinations with the fewest infections and we will take care that you stay safe because we want you to keep traveling with us for many more years to come. Obviously, many people are facing it with fear, but respecting the measures and with a little care everything will turn out well.

And, the trips will also return. We all know that tourism is one of the most affected sectors and that it will take a Want to Slovenia up again time to recover. Fear paralyzes and isolates, but there is also a powerful awareness of freedom that drives us to defy any obstacle to exercise it. The future of tourism in Slovenia and Croatia faces several challenges and leaves us, tourism agents, to think too:. First, it is important that the agency takes care of all measures to ensure safety and comply with sanitary regulations.

At the EKORNA travel agency, we will follow all the rules that will be established, we will take care of guaranteeing the masks and disinfectants so that our passengers feel comfortable and safe. We will guarantee the required space between passengers, traveling in buses or vans and we will take into the other requests of those Want to Slovenia up again want to travel to Croatia or Slovenia.

Also, we are already thinking about the types of trips we can offer. We are in the middle of travel reframing season, so passengers who have not yet resolved the situation of their trip through Slovenia or Croatia and the other Balkan countries, are recommended to contact the agents to solve it as soon as possible.

The same for those who believe that their vacation in the Balkans may be complicated, although they still do not know it. It is assumed that domestic tourism will be fully reactivated first, hopefully in also regional and international tourism. Slovenia and Croatia are among the countries that are best fighting the situation with Covid and we believe that this will continue. This suggests that Slovenia and Croatia will be among the safest countries to travel in yet.

Being a country where it can get quite cold, Slovenia is not usually a winter destination, but it can be. Traveling to Slovenia in winter is quite a different experience. Many, in their lives, have experienced the cold that they will be able to experience in Slovenia in December or January.

Want to Slovenia up again

The months of December, January and February are considered low season and traveling around Slovenia in low season can also be cheaper. Another of the conveniences to visit Slovenia in the colder months. For example, its capital, Zagrebwas chosen several times as the city with the best Christmas market in Europe.

We imagine that there will still be people Want to Slovenia up again for classic group tours guaranteed departuresas well as traveling in smaller groups, so that there is more distance between passengers on buses, which will be one of the priorities of EKORNA Travel.

On the other hand, there may be more travelers opting for private travel, looking for additional value: gastronomy trips, transformational trips, luxury trips…. In the future, different types of travel could become popular: private tripswith additional value. Among them, supposedly dual trips, in which two different destinations will be combined into a single trip — nothing better than a trip through Slovenia and Croatia or a visit to Croatia and Montenegro.

Or, visit a unique country where you would spend part of the trip in a mountainous location, before moving to a seaside location. Again, Slovenia is a perfect destination for it. More and more travellers are looking to reduce the impact of their visits and that is why more and more are looking for under-sold cities and destinations: the Balkans are just that.

A paradise, still not often visited, with relatively good infrastructure for travelling by car in peace. Until now we have struggled with the lack of time to make long routes and we believe that this situation will continue. For this reason, short trips of several days will be important. Slovenia is a perfect country to take a 5 day trip or a 3 day getaway. On the other hand, more importance will be given to travelling without hurrying. Do less and enjoy more time, instead of running to visit as much as possible. Leave something to visit at another time.

Longer trips will be sought with itineraries focused on places of tranquility. It is assumed that the hotels that have lost in recent years, against Airbnb accommodations and other cheaper types, will be searched again, as passengers will seek more security, hygiene guarantees and possibilities of responses in emergencies. Slovenia is not considered one of the massive places like Paris, London, Madrid and will surely enter the list Want to Slovenia up again who wants to travel to the less frequented places, as well as the other Balkan countries.

Everything indicates that we are going towards a more sustainable tourism: with more ecological transport and mobility; less crowded accommodation and closer to the natural environment. Nothing better than Slovenia to visit it; you can enjoy in everything above. We have all been surprised by the Covid pandemic and the consequences go far beyond our imaginations.

The world has stopped and is slowly recovering, but the road will be long. We have learned that tourism is going to be the most affected, however, the improvement in the general situation allows us to think positively about tourism as well.

The Coronavirus in Slovenia is already leading us to mount new types of trips: in smaller groups, without running to see the places.

Want to Slovenia up again

Slovenia is one of the countries that is best controlling the situation and being less visited in general, surely it will be among the first destinations to visit once it is possible to travel. The same will happen with Croatia. The situation of the Coronavirus in Croatia is under control and you can already imagine the places you would visit, so that when you can really do it, nothing escapes you. Terms and conditions. Escorted Tours.

Cultural tours. Fly and Drive. Otherwise, it will not be accepted as credible to enter Croatia.

Want to Slovenia up again

The above test must be no more than 48 hours old counted from the time of swabbing to arrival at the border and, in the case of a rapid antigen test and a stay longer than 10 days in Croatia, the test must be repeated within ten days from the date of issuance of such test; Certificate of vaccination for persons who received a second dose of COVID vaccine more than 14 days prior to entry into Croatia.

Want to Slovenia up again

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