Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio

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Ague weather. Fascinating pretty is the latest femi nine compliment. Zoological hosiery is captivitating the fancy of the ladies. God's nohlest work An honest man who pays the printer. Camp-meetings held this year are gen erally failures they ought to be. We give this information on good authority. Allen's office over Donohoe's grocery, opposite Post Office.

Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio

No man can become thoroughly ac quainted with his family history without running for office. Roddy Reynolds is off 4uty"ftt Wash ington and home to spend a month for recreation. A single toad on a lawn or in the gar den is of more value than a whole swarm of sparrows.

He is a sweeter singer too. Cranks, cholera, politics, circuses, sun strokes and hydrophobia are some of the worst evils that are troubling the world this summer. Death from sunstroke is not produced by the effect of the direct rays of the sun, but from a peculiar condition of the nerves.

Longfellow, an old citieen of the vicinity of Eaton, has gone to Sorento, Fla. We wish him long life and prosperity. The second annual re-union of the sol diers and sailors of Preble county comes off at Camden on the 9th and 10th of this month. It will be largely attended. It works well and they are prepared to do a big business in their line.

Professor Cones, a distinguished Wash ington naturalist. There is probably nothing more touch ing or affecting to a man's finer feelings than while strolling home in the evening to lock arms with a gate opening out on the sidewalk. People who can't be suited with all the array of weather we have had this season, should have a little weather of their own where weather could be made to order. An exchange tells the young ladies who aspire to paint flower pieces that a loaf of bread is the flour piece that makes a favorable impression on the marriage able man.

A man has invented a chair that can be adjusted to different positions, and yet a man who suspected his wife was going to ask where he was the night before couldn't get into a position in that chair which seemed comfortable. Whenever an accident occurs in crowd of people everybody rushes to see the victim, and fools and unthinking persons crowd close to the scene of dis aster which often suffocates the injured party. The Mexican greasers who "done' Eaton last Monday evening with a cou pie of bears and a baboon, should have been arrested and fined.

Civilization ought not tolerate such a public exhibi tion of brutishness. Our friend R. White, living south Eaton, was the first to bring roasting ears to this this Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio, of his own rais ing, and we can testify to their being one. Robert never forgets the printer when he raises anything good Hie curative power of Ayer's Sarsapa rilla is too well known to require the spe cious aid of any exaggerated or fictitious certificate. Witnesses of its marvelous cures are to-day living in every city and hamlet of the land.

Write for names you want home evidence. The Editor of the Eaton Democrat wants a "devil. Any man who takes his whisky straight and votes the Democratic ticket the same way, is always ready for any emergency A western preacher, whose congrega tion had begun to fall off somewhat, it intimated tnat he would discuss a fam ily scandal the following Sunday morn ing. As a consequence the church crowded.

The minister's subject Adam and Eve. On Thursday of last week Isaac Brow er, one of the most respected farmers Preble county, living about four miles south-east of Eaton on the old Trace road, died suddenly of apoplexy.

Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio

Grape vines need constant attention now, if nice fruit is desired. They a growing rapidly, and should be summer pruned. Remove all superfluous shoots, and pinch off the end of each bearing shoot after it has made three or leaves beyond the last bunch of grapes.

Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio

Also pinch off all tendrils and laterals fast as they appear. No fruit should ever be put up in cans, the chemical result of acids work ing upon tin being in many cases, virulent poisons. It is true that of cans of peaches, plums, pears, are yearly eaten without apparent effect upon the consumers, but once every little while, a paragraph in newspapers informs us of the serious of a whole family, terminating fatally, from eating bad canned fruit. There is always risk in eating fruits or tomatoes from tin, and household use, glass cans are not safer, bat quite as economical, as can be kept from year to year and manv times over.

The inter nal revenue tax on friction or lucifer matches was one cent on each box con taining one hundred matches.

Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio

That tax ceased to exist on the first of July. The 35 per cent, ad valorem duty on all im ported lucifer or friction matches con tinues as before. The most deadly foe to all malarial disease is Ayer's Ague Cure, a combina tion of vegetable ingredients only, of which the most valuable is used in no other known preparation.

This remedy is an absolute and certain specific, and succeeds when all other medicines fail. A cure is warranted. Some persons they are not men who do that think it funny to cheat Printers out of a dollar or two by moving away without paying what they owe, but it is not so funny when such rascals recollect that the names of all who swindle the Printer are recorded in a book and that record of infamy will live after the ras cals have gone to Hades for their re ward!

Thresh out the golden grain, and the sooner it is sold and converted into spel tel, the sooner is the suspense and per plexity of mind about the fly, the rust, the weevil, the rats, the high water, and Tom, Dick and Harry over. Rattle it into market while the ro are good and millers have the cash, and let's be done with it, pay our debts and begin the fall sowing.

Life is short. People should always be careful to sweep their own hearth before accusing others of being untidy. There are al ways plenty of rumors, slanderous in their character, and always plenty of people to give them currency. Those who love to roll a slander as a sweet morsel under their tongue should be scorned by all respectable people and punished by the contempt of the entire community.

A farmer needs his vacation just as much as any man of business needs one. A week's run to town after the busy sea son is over will do him a world of good, and they need to visit other farmers, to learn, if possible, easier or better methods of farming or of lieing. They need to at tend farmers' conventions and organiza tions to gain new ideas something to broaden or enlarge their Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio of life.

Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio

People who always stay at home are sure to see the dark sides and shadows of their own lives. They need to realize that storms and drouths and thunders and showers and freshets visit other farms besides their own ; that weeds and insects thrive in all degrees of longitude, and that flies and dirt accumulate aud annoy other households beside the one they preside ovr. In short, they need to learn how other people live.

Could farmers manage so as to be confined less to their farms, could they work more in partnership, as do other men of busi ness, or could they believe it profitable to employ a higher grade of laborers men whom they could trust alone for a day or a week or could they earlier train their sons and daughters to have care and interest in the affairs of the household, then they could oftener find the opportunity for leaving the farm for a short season of recreation and enjoy ment, and thus be in reality what thev have the name of being the most inde pendent class of people in the world.

If there be anything that is "run Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio the ground," it is the system of free de livery of groceries and provisions. It is not intended to say that the accommo dating proprietors of the establishment and free delivery outfit are the ones who overdo the matter, but it is the people who abuse the system. With but few exceptions, ea.? Some of these outfits cost three hundred dollars, and from that sum down to one hundred and twenty five dollars. It is not dfsputed that an increased trade from the free delivery of goods generally follows, but the expense and trouble of accommodating his pat rons is an item that the proprietor never loses sight of, which is more than can be said of his customers.

It has not been many years since the deliver- wagon was never seen going its rounds, but the of trips it now daily makes sufficient to round up the heap o neg lected visits of long ago. What is not fair on the part of the people is to imag ine that the grocer is delighted to drive a mile or more with a mackerel and pound of cheese, which were to have been delivered "in time for dinner, sure. When a customer makes it a point to buy a dime's worth just at noon, then take a seat in the free delivery wagon and be driven home, it is where the "running into the ground" com mences.

Our grocers are clever enough to haul a ruined flower pot anywhere side the corporation, if some one would request them to do so, and there are few, thank goodness a very few persons, who have the cheek to ask it. The gro cer that delivers his goods promptly, certain of continued patronage, but it imposing on his time, his means and good nature to ask a free delivery of ticles that are not worth enough to for the time of the driver who makes trip. Deem is the only one financially interested St. Clair Springs, we the undered citizens of Eaton, hereby agree to him to conduct said Springs to suit and promise hereafter to use time we have devoted to him in attend ing to our own affairs ; believing we be greatly benefited, morally, financially and spiritually by so doing.

Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio

The above is a verbatim copy of a tition circulating around Eaton and ing numerously ed. We understand the chirography of the heading is, " to vour own business. But if parties ho using it will leave their orders with soon we will see that they get it. Also that time of payment is the same, whether you get it now or later. The eager desire for office, more than anything else, perhaps, has rendered the Convention method of selecting candi dates anything else but a success, so far as the choice of the people are concern- We are not writing in reference to any particular system.

One seems to be no better than the other. It is a fact, however, patent to everybody, that in majority counties, no sooner is one elec tion passed, and before the new officers are inducted into office, the particular favorites of the different factions In the county set to work to make the ticket to be supported by the "dear people" at the next election.

Indeed, so far-reaching are the plans of these scheming po liticians that they frequently embrace in their calculations several years in ad vance. Long before this time in thi3 county, unless something unusual occurs to break the slate, it would be no trouble to name the ticket to be voted for by the Republicans in October. This forestall ing of public opinion months in advance, makes the free choice of the people an absurdity, and is to-day the bane of A merican politics. This evil grows out of the greed for office, which seems to have become a mania with some men. Hold ing office seems to be the ultimate and supreme object of some men's lives.

And yet to most men public positions, generally held only for a few years, prove a curse instead of a blessing. To man engaged in any business that is at all profitable, it is much better for him to give it his undivided attention, for if he engages in politics, or if elected to of fice, it generally destroys whatever bu siness he has, and mostly unfits him for any legitimate calling in the future. It is a Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio notion to suppose any man has a claim upon the free suffrage of a people. If a claim exists at all, it exists on the part of the people who, if they recognize any peculiar fitness in tho individual for a certain position, they the people have a claim upon him for his services, and he cannot, without good reason, decline to serve them.

It would be well for the people of both po- itical parties to exercise their own judg ment in regard to any claim put forth by the candidate who announces himself as possessing the needed qualifications for any public trust whatever. It is time that the work of the professional politi cian was dispensed with. Slates made up years in advance, should be smash ed, and when the people make up their minds that they are qualified to deter mine who is best calculated to serve the iu in official position, we will have less croakers after office, fewer political rings and more honest and better officials.

The "Ladies' Social" of the Univer- salist church will give a festival and en tertainment in their church, Saturday evening, Aug. Recitations by Rev. Crosley, Mrs. Keirn, of Akron, O. Crosley, of Cincinnati, O. Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio "Boy Violinist" is expected to be present and will give some of his choice selections of music. All are invited to be present to enjoy the festival. Ad mission, 10 cents, and good for same amount inside.

Prohibition Reform Convention. The Hon. Oatre of Cleveland, will be present and address the convention.

Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio

To the Public! The fol lowing handsome presents to be given away : Jbirst is a magnincentUAoJ. These mag nificent presents will be put on exhibi tion in our show windows on August where they will remain until the date given above, when a committee, select ed by our customers, will present them to our patrons.

We guarantee that prices shall be the lowest. Please grant us your patronage. This will grand affair. The Uniform Rank of SI. Plenty of seats, 10 cars. See posters and small bills, and your lunch basket and attend the Union August 10th.

Lonely wifes in west Eaton ohio

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