Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

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By Samuel Barradas. Each company we work with has specific experience requirements for their drivers. In order for you to receive the best possible offers, please make sure your answers above are accurate prior to submitting. They have GPS for directions and cell phones for communication. High tech rednecks. Courteous, helping out others, picking up thumbers, and cb jabbing.

My comic books are always funny, and I roll my hills in Georgia overdrive. I was taught to drive this way. I can only hope maybe we can get things back the way they were long before I was a twinkle in my daddys eye. Keep the dream alive. I agree with you good buddy, im trying to do the same over here in the UK. Im thinkin about moving to the USA as automatic gearboxes are taking over and it aint good atall, automatics are for sissys! Keep her lit good buddy ,Over and out!

Automated trannys are consuming the trucking world here too, along with front facing radar. The newer trucks get, the more aggravating they are to drive.

Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

I was told freight shaker was freightliner because that brand was prone to shaking at higher speeds. Frieght shakers also shake bad at night when they regen. I used to have one. Driving by braille…. Fog line: solid white line on the highways. Hook truck: tow truck with a sling. They are less afraid of dying then we are of loosing our jobs. Second attempt, bored to the gourd, WF started to pull out of cradle; Truckers repeat the als.

Third attempt, WF pulls out of cradle, hits the pedal to the medal reaching the front bumper of Front Trucker. True Story. This was way cool as I was doing a lot of cross-country trips at the time. I also had a CB in my Bronco at the time.

Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

I remember running with a triple digit ride across Nevada ataveraging the whole way; we chatted most of the way and luckily never ran across a trooper. I drive a lot between BC and Alberta in my Dodge No not a big truck I know. I love and appreciate the way the old time truckers know exactly what they are doing on the road. Respectful, law abiding, let you in, etc! I respect them old boys as they respect me! I also love how some of the trucks look. They really take care of them not like some of the new different drivers. Truck drivers are some of the nicest people in the world.

For the most part, truckers are courteous and careful. I have loved CB radio since I was 15 years old! It was the original Facebook or MySpace long before the internet! It also for the first time gave the public a new understanding of the hard working truck drives of America! I only hope future generations will someday rediscover how much fun CB radio is!

Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

Pick up the mic and meet a few of them!!! G-Vegas — greenville, sc just got a new cb. There are really way too many to even mention. I still enjoy listening to it and from time to time participating in the jibberish on it. As I said before, after 20 years I still learn a few things from these old guys and I appreciate them and the traditions they have created.

It will be a valuable lesson if you listen carefully and just take it with a grain of salt. Live the dream ladies and gents! The bridge- george washington bridge The corkscrew- ramp from major deegan i87 to the cross bronx i95 Merry-go-round- scale at the split in md Hugging the steering wheel- nervous driver, usually in the northeast for the first time Lie book- log book.

Yardstick — mile marker 20 — location Portable parking lot — car transport Malfunction junction — Knoxville, TN. Mostly, though, it just seems to be dead air. Electric Indian shooting arrows……Electric in construction area indicating lane closure Baby Schneider……Orange construction barrel. Flying hook — Flying J truckstop Illegally parked — in the median or in the ditch. My daddy was a long hauler for a bit when I was a. I can remember him putting that radio in my hand and teaching me things.

We called the state troopers smokeys tho… Is that still appropriate? And good buddy was everyone but now it means a homosexual? My daddy would always say we gotta stopplop ,and top. Meaning pit stop for bathroom food and filling up. Maybe it was just one he used. It was 24 years ago…. Stay safepull the cord? Does anyone know? Dont know if this was answered.

Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

Monfort Beef of Colorado was notorious for driving fast. They used the left lane. Monfort Lane. Fast lane so called for Monfort truck line. Drivers known to have fast trucks, who traveled fast. About thirty years ago I had a charter boat. One of our constant means of communication was by CB.

For a ten year period my CB slang was up to date but with the passage of time I realize it would now be considered 16th century English. I have been a writer all these past years and now need to know if there is a new way of describing a CB. We use to call it Mickey Mouse. Is there any other term in present day use? Twin screw — tractor with 2 drive axles connected to drive shafts Tag — tractor with 2 axles only one connected to a drive shaft.

Schneider egg — orange road cone Evil kineivel — motorcycle cop Bear on a bubblegum machine — another term for mc cop Deputy dog — sheriff deputy Brake check — traffic jam Yanker — tanker truck Reefer — refrigerated trailer Walking the dog — driving as fast as the truck will run Mash on it — put on your brakes Captured — cop has someone pulled over normally used in conjunction with other terms Local yokel — city cop Seat cover — a chick Tom — a dude Lot lizard — prostitute Buffalo — the guy version of a lot lizard.

Some tanker terms for ya! F-ing J — Flying J truck stop. Hongcouver — Vancouver. The Rock Pile — Rocky mountains. Between the Mustard and Mayo — keep it between the yellow and white lines. Big sprocket — high gear. Bungalow bound — going home. Banana rack — light spec highway truck with a big bunk.

Pinch and wicker outfit — rig moving company winch and picker which is a crane truck wicker is a sharp piece of wire sticking out of a worn cable.

Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

Highway maggot — driver with no off road experience. Jewellery — tire chains. Barefoot — driving without tire chains. Throw jewellery — put on tire chains. Bush man — experienced off road driver. Squawk box — CB. Paper and Tin — Plates registration and insurance. Working the north shore — rig moving in the arctic. Corduroy — ice road built over logs for a base, muskeg crossing. Rototilling — spinning your wheels but still moving if you rototilled the hill you spun all the way up.

Piggybacking — hauling your pilot car and the pilot driver is your passenger. Running lights and flags — hauling a wide load. You guys are halarous. Anyway… I can do it! I believe in myself!

Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

Looking for a good electronic log book for running US and Canada. Cant stand this paper crap anymore. Anybody got any ideas.

Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

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