Married but looking in Salisbury CT

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Alexander Hamilton Holley papers, Sarah "Sallie" Holley papers, General William B. Rudd papers, The first generation represented in this collection is Luther Holley — Luther was the founder of a successful iron business as well as a farmer and merchant. Holley and Son. Myron was a minister and a Canal Commissioner, who worked to create the Erie Canal. His antislavery beliefs and religious liberalism had a great impact on his daughter.

Holley also served a one year term as Governor of Connecticut from Holley and his second wife, Marcia Coffing Holley. William and Maria married in and in Rudd ed Holley Manufacturing Company, serving as secretary, treasurer, general manager, director, and stockholder. Rudd was very interested in state politics and in he received a gubernatorial appointment as Quartermaster of the State. Malcolm Day RuddMarried but looking in Salisbury CT the third son of Gen. William B. Rudd and Maria Coffing Holley Rudd.

Illness forced him to leave Yale in Februarybut in the fall he enrolled as a special student at Harvard College. Ill health forced him to abandon his studies once again. Malcolm worked in real estate and was appointed chief clerk to the Supervisor of the Census of the State of Connecticut. Inhe was made treasurer and general manager of the Holley Manufacturing Company, offices he held until his death on 21 January He wrote several books on local history and served as a member of the Advisory Committee of the Department of War Records of the State of Connecticut.

He was deputy State tax commissioner, deputy commissioner of motor vehicles, and was appointed chief examiner of the Connecticut Bureau of Old Age Assistance in Charles Edward Rudd was the younger brother of Malcolm D. Charles served as general manager of the Asheville tannery for many years, becoming involved in local organizations such as the Asheville Country Club and the local hospital board. As a member of the family, Charles was involved in Holley Manufacturing Inc. When not working, Charles enjoyed fishing and golf. Charles, Malcolm Rudd, and their friend Floyd L. For more than 30 years, these three friends took an annual fishing trip, recording their adventures and their catch in both diaries and photographs.

Emma Sands Reese was the daughter of John K. Rees, a noted professor of astronomy at Married but looking in Salisbury CT University, and Louise Rees. He worked in the mercantile business in from when he passed the examinations for consular service. He held numerous posts throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, his last being as Counsel General in Berlin, Germany where he died of cardiac arrest in John was responsible for restoration and improvements to Holleywood, after his retirement in when he moved to the family home in Lakeville, Connecticut.

John married Virginia Burchfield with whom he had a son, John Holley Rudd, the donor of this collection. Rudd, was a business acquaintance of the Rudd family. The firm operated until when the firm was dissolved. The Company claimed to be the oldest manufacturer of pocket cutlery in the United States. It was a family-operated business with Alexander H. Holley as president, George B. Burrall, treasurer, and William B. Rudd, secretary. William Rudd's son, Malcolm D. Rudd, succeeded him as treasurer and general manager, serving in that position until The papers document six generations of an important Connecticut family and their contributions to the life of their community and the state.

For clarity, some series were created that contain material from multiple generations. Some of the journals and ledgers were used by more than one generation as was common in the 19th century. In that case, they were filed under the last person to use them. If there is only one file or item for an individual, his or her papers are filed with their parent, spouse or sibling as appropriate. Series II contains the papers of John M. Holley and consists of correspondence and financial records from his son, George Washington Holley. One of the volumes includes a list of places where she lectured in support of abolition in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Delaware.

Others include newspaper clippings of her writings and her editorials.

Married but looking in Salisbury CT

Series V contains the papers of General William B. The bulk of her papers are daily financial records detailing purchases for Holleywood and her family and documents related to her estate. Personal and business correspondence was culled by Malcolm inpossibly when it was removed from his office. There is a small amount of financial material. The largest part of this series consists of genealogical materials including family histories and notes compiled by Malcolm. As a keeper of local history, Malcolm collected historical materials from local businesses.

Married but looking in Salisbury CT

Rudd, when he was a small. Correspondence from John K. Rudd as a young man onwards has been separated into its own folder within the series. Additional correspondents include his brothers, Alexander H. Rudd and Malcolm D. Rudd, and other family and friends. There are extensive financial files containing correspondence, bills, and receipts spanning from toincluding materials related to the building of his home in Asheville, NC; material on leases of homes; and income tax forms and supporting documentation. Materials on organizations with which Charles was associated reflect his interests and include minutes from the O.

Materials from the Asheville Country Club are filed in both his personal correspondence as well as in his business letterbox files, depending on where the materials originally were filed by Charles himself.

Married but looking in Salisbury CT

Charles was a prolific diary keeper and his papers include a complete run fromthe year before his death. Specialized diaries range from a camera book from to a diary detailing a fishing trip. There are four diaries detailing surveys he made of the ro between Lakeville and Hotchkiss School, Lime Rock and Salisbury, and around Falls Village.

Married but looking in Salisbury CT

Whenever possible, papers inserted into diaries by the creator were left in situ in the diary. If there was a large amount of paper inserted in the front or back of the diary, it was removed, foldered separately with a note about its original location, and filed immediately after the diary. Series IX contains the papers of Emma S. Her papers include incoming correspondence from Charles, to ; incoming correspondence addressed to both Emma and Charles, from their son, John K. Rudd, ; incoming correspondence from her parents, John K. A scrapbook from Vassar offers an interesting look at the life of a college student at the turn of the 20th century.

There is an incomplete diary frombut Emma did not regularly start keeping a diary until She continued to keep diaries untilthe year before her death. Charles served as executor for the estates of various in-laws and worked in the Rees family business, which explains the extensive files regarding the Rees family. There is legal correspondence and documents regarding the estates of William Coffin, Benjamin F.

Frank Rees, John K. The diaries cover both family- and business-related topics and include a diary kept while Norman toured Europe. Series XI contains the papers of John K. Rudd, son of Emma and Charles Rudd.

Married but looking in Salisbury CT

It consists of incoming correspondence from Charles and incoming correspondence from Emmaboth in reverse chronological order; and other incoming personal correspondence John worked on restoring Holleywood and his papers contain materials related to the restoration of the family homestead and construction of the boat house Like his father and Uncle Malcolm, he was very interested in the family history and his papers contain genealogies for the Holley, Rudd, Sands, and Williams families John was also a diarist and his papers contain an extensive run of diaries, inclusive.

Series XII contains business records relating to organizations represented in the family papers. These materials include correspondence, ledgers, and books Holley Manufacturing Company is well-represented in the series by correspondence, financial records, catalogs, order postcards, cancelled checks, and blank stationery Of particular interest are the various ledgers and books, including an early ledger for the workmen Typically this correspondence relates to settling estates or meetings of the board of directors of a business, but personal matters are discussed as well.

Wilson who was a colleague of the Rudds and very involved locally.

Married but looking in Salisbury CT

This series consists of correspondence, bank books, and ledgers for the various organizations with which Wilson was involved The collection is arranged into thirteen series by family member or organization. Within the series, material is arranged by type and chronologically within each type. Undated materials remain with the topically arranged materials and are filed at the end of the dated items.

Use of the material requires compliance with the Connecticut Historical Society's Research Center regulations. Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Connecticut.

Married but looking in Salisbury CT

In the spring ofthe archivist was contacted by John Holley Rudd about a donation of material. The Archivist went to Holleywood, Lakeville, Connecticut and retrieved approximately 30 cartons of material. A gift form was ed transfering all materials to CHS. Rudd while a student, programs for plays and concerts, and a program for the dedication of the William Spencer Boyd Memorial Chapel.

Holley family papers,MS Irving B. There are additional materials related to other Holley family members and allied families such as Coffing and Rudd which can be accessed through the CHS Online Catalog. Dodd research Center, University of Connecticut. Malcolm Day Rudd Papers, for printable PDF. Luther Holley papers, II. John M. Holley papers, III. Alexander Hamilton Holley papers, IV. Sarah "Sallie" Holley papers, V. Rudd papers, VI. Maria C. Holley Rudd papers, VII. Malcolm D. Rudd papers, VIII. Charles E. Rudd papers, IX.

Emma S.

Married but looking in Salisbury CT

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