Archie Mangles Names & Terms:

You may have heard some funny comedians in your time...Milton Berlin, Don Trickles.

Dr. Jerry Smothers

Phyliss Shoefly

Hidin' out in the house all the time, like some Bantam of the Opera.

Gloria Steinway

Menstrual show

NC-Double A-PP

Songs, "Home On The Range," "South Of Your Border."

Damon & Runyon

Spanish Imposition.

That picture with Lon Chaney "Of Mouse And Men."

This was a very classy a sharp coat there, one of them velvet collars, and of of them pearl-gray hamburgers on his head (Homburg hat).

Movie about nuns, starring Ingrid Bernstein

"Let 'em eat cake," to quote the late Mark Antonette.

One crazy dame was "Marching To Astoria."

Like in that picture "The Prince & The Porpoise."

Florence Nightengown

Mopy Dick

General George C. Scott

Flop Wilson

There's a good animal show on with that kindly old gent, Marlons Perkos.

...singer, you remember...Morris Chevrolet

Show me where to put my John Hancrock.

Billy Sol Graham

Engelbert Whats-his-dink

In ancient Rome they killed Sid Caesar.

Count of Monte Crisco

God Bless America....written by Milton Berlin.

You're a regular Fred McMahon.

Levine and Shirley

Harvey Belafonte.

(Mayor) Yorky (Yorty)

Richard E. Nixon

What are we all here, the Norman Cravernacle Choir?

Roosevelt brothers...Franklin & Teddy.

Rockefeller brothers...Nelson & Eddie.

Egzavier Cougat...(spells it..."E-G-Z...")

Dear Abie

Rackwell Walsh

Reverend Fletcher (the most used?)

Reverend Chang (Chong)

Hal & Trudy

Hairy Krishnas howlin' and playin' their tangerines (Krishna Hairys other times).

My own tax expert, H & R Crock.

This is all the fault of that Helen Curly Steinway.

(All the occasions were) invented by 2 guys: Hall & Marks.

Rip Van Heusen (he gets corrected with "Winkle")....Winkle Van Heusen.

Marlo Brandon

Clint Westwood

That guy might still be lurking around the neighborhood like Jack The Raper.

Henry Woolworth Longfellow

Ralph Nuder

(Talking about My Fair Lady)....The other guy that sang that "I Got Accustomed to First Base"....Sex Harrison.

Why y'all duded up lookin' like Errol Slim?

He's the Judas S. Cariot of the loadin' platform.

Lobster Greenberg.

Booker T.C. Washington

Emperor Negro, who fiddled while Rome burned.

Black Panther leader Elder Cleavage.

German headshrinker named Sigmund Fruit.

Edith: Look Archie, Chianti. Archie: I like Morgan Davis better (also had said Morgan David).

"Go west," like Horace Greenberg said.

The Three Muskatelles.

Who am I, Paul K. Getty?

Listen to Billy Jean Graham over here.

That's like a gentile Mana-shew-witz

You're a regular Edna St. Louis Millay.

Jackie Manassas.

So I won't make the cover of Harper's Brassiere.

Did Lincoln apologize to Alexander Graham Booth?

You could be like Anita O'Brien, hustlin' fruits.

That's the kind of luck poor Mr. Lincoln had the night he went to the movies....and he sat in John Wilkes' booth.

B'nai Briss.

You ain't exactly Jan Fierce.

Potatum O'Neal.

You know what's got the world in the shape today? Buddah, the Pope, Marx and Lemons.

Shirley Temple was never as good as Bojangles George Murphy.

Fred Mack Amateur Hour.

Cosa Nastra

"The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" had the big fat English actor, Charles Lawson.

Ain't ya never heard of Medicure?

He'd go through the house like Typhoon Mary.

I'm due at the ballet. They're doin' Swoon Lake.

Irene Lorenzo, queen of the Women's Lubrication Movement.

(At the movies:) Cardinal Knowledge

With all the terrific stuff on television these days...."The $6,000 Man"....."Bicentonical (Bionic) Woman."

Mrs. O'Leary's cow is sorry, but Cleveland burned anyway!

As Doris Day used to sing "Que Seroo Seroo."