Archie Bunker, Expert on Politics & History:

U.S. history....that's part of your whole American heresy.

You don't hear me gettin' historical (hysterical).

President Ford tells us all to bite the bullet and Betsy Ford goes on TV and shoots off her mouth.

I'm readin' in the paper where the CIA is dopin' people up. Maybe somebody injected some of that LSD in the lady's cottage cheese.

Infernal Revenue


That's what Columbus said to the Indians just before he gypped 'em out of Manhattan.

Didn't he take the exercise tax off cars?

It's a well known histororical fact: they gave 'em an inch of CzechosloWakia and they took Poland.

As one of the faithful constituitionals (constituents)

Women Liberteens

Won by....your distinguished incrumbent.

Senatorial, governorial, mayororial.

The highest standard of living! The grossest national product!

Ordinary tradegies of war.

Making suppository remarks about our country.

Ya wanna known the truth? I voted for Reegan.

You wanna talk that Russian talk, take yourself back over to the USSO.

As our President said in his renegurial address.

The guy went into the Capitol under the dome and was sellin' the teapots on the side.

He's got that big house to maintain in San Clemency.

Weekly filibooster.

Archie: He sold us out at Gibraltar! Maude, correcting him: They met at YALTA!  Archie: He sold us out there too!

I don't go around signin' no political documentaries.

That's how ya got your Chinatown, your Harlems, your Little Italy...all them grettos.

They laughed at Robert Fulton but without him, New York wouldn't have a fish market.

Between here and Florida, ya got your original 48 states.