Archie Bunker On......Sex!

The sexual act was never constipated.

No matter how long we've been together Edith, you still, as the kids say, "turn me over."

All girls go cockeyed during pooberescency.

When a boy's coming into poobertyhood.

A husband's conjungal and a wife's convivial obligation.

You have turned into a pyronymphiac.

What you're lookin' at here is kind of an old fashioned guy who really believes in the sanctitity of marriage.

Pre-martial sex

Most of 'em have more hismones that hermones.

Committing insex in the family.


A babysitter should at least be out of puberous.

Hot flushes


In bed, I'm totally impudent.

(later) I got the feeling my prudence is coming back.

You're so nayve!

Go to the gyropractor and get fixed?

Geronomous zones and the floorplay, you spoil all the waddya call the mystiqueries of things.

Privatesies, the privatesies of the bedroom.

Paragorically....I will not let you ever talk about our sex life.

Sex prevert.

There's a man gropin' a lady...he didn't even bring her in there, see, he's an interloper.

The titular head...that's the mother, ain't it?

Maybe I'd like to run around the house my drawers...and with her here, I felt inhabited.

A woman doctor is only good for women's your groinocology.

Can't you be indelicate for once?

What'd ya do, sneak off to some chyropractor and get yourself fixed?


What ya do in the privates of your own room is your own privates.

Hardpore cornography.

The 2 of you was intricate together.

Her husband was infidelicate with another woman.

I've never seen a man so low and depaved.

The 2 of us all alone and, well, we was imminent together.

I didn't ask her for nothin'. It was her that reduced me (seduced).

Men gets these here, waddya call, surges, where the chromostones are burlin' over.

Back since time immamoral.

Nothing but sheer PORNA-graphy.

Intricate facts of sex.

House of ill refute.

I ain't a man of carnival instinctuals like you.

Did you ever hear of scruples? I think Boom Boom caught 'em from a Chinaman.

That woman temptated me up there and you know she was a wonton (like the soup) woman.

(To Denise the waitress) I count myself as an adult, and you, an adulteress.

To force the races to intersex that way on the air.

That guy ain't been the same since he had that vasexomy.